Hospitality Ministry

The Hospitality Ministry is dedicated to making visitors feel welcomed and helping our congregation feel like a family. This team is in charge of everything from ordering pizza for a Leadership Team meeting to providing hotdogs and hamburgers for a church potluck on the beach. Here are a few teams that fall under this ministry:


The Greeters are the ones who welcome you to church each Sunday and make sure you know where to take your children for Children’s Church and where to find a cup of coffee. They also hand out bulletins and flyers, and answer any questions a new visitor might ask. There goal is to make everyone feel welcomed from the moment they step into the building.

Connections Team

It’s the Connections Team that gathers information about new families and helps them assimilate into our church. They do this by introducing visitors to  other families, helping them find appropriate bible studies or group activities, and generally help wherever they can as visitors move from their first visito to becoming a regular attender.

Coffee Time Team

This team is responsible for making sure everyone has a good cup of coffee and a treat between Sunday services. Their mission is to make everyone feel at home, promote an atmosphere ripe for good conversations, and help wake everyone up so they can focus on the sermon.

Meal Preparation Team

The Hospitality Ministry takes the lead in this effort, but everyone helps whenever they can. If someone in our congregation is ill, has had surgery, has had a baby or has lost a loved one and needs meals provided, the Meals Team is ready to help. The men and women on this team are always ready and willing to make delicious meals to help ease the burden during difficult times.